Originally from Sydney, Australia, self-taught Irish and Scots Gaelic speaker, performance and visual artist, Ariel Killick, has been highly noted in Irish-language media and elsewhere for her work in the fields of art, performance and the Irish language over the last 15 years.

She has a particular passion for and commitment to pushing the boundaries in relation to ways in which the public and young people experience Irish through a range of different artforms. Described as one of 'Ireland's leading Stilt Performers' (Down District Council, Christkindel Programme, 2011) and trained in London, Sydney and Ireland, Ariel has performed at corporate launches & events, parades and community festivals all over the island of Ireland, incorporating stunning makeup, high quality costume and character work as well as improvised comedy and rhyming couplets. Please see 'Stilt Performance' and the 'Gallery' for images of her work, client feedback and audience reaction.

Ariel is also one of a tiny number of fluent Irish-speaking Stilt Performers, possibly the only known Scots-Gaelic speaking professional Stilt Performer in existence, and is in demand to entertain bilingually, providing a very innovative, distinctive and enjoyable way to expose audiences to the language.

Ariel is also a qualified and experienced Community Arts Facilitator, working primarily with school-children through the medium of Irish, and further information is available under 'Workshops'.

Additionally, Ariel is a trained actor, a member of the Irish Street Arts, Circus & Spectacle Network Member, and an experienced Voiceover Artist and scriptwriter, focussing largely on scripted work for indoor venues incorporating a variety of circus skills, as well as street theatre. Please see 'Theatre Work' for further details on her experience as an actor, writer and producer.

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