Rap Ari Indo

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Fresh Gaelic Rap @ Celtic Connections' Showcase 27.1.17

Thigibh a' tadhal air Ariel is a com-pàirtichean ùra, an sàr-sheinneadair Àdhamh Ó Broin & riochdaire-ciùil, Innes Little aig Stannd 16 ann an Tallaichean-Cuirme Ghlaschu bho 9.30 - 2.30uf Dihaoine an 27mh Faoilleach!

Ariel is delighted to be collaborating with powerful Gaelic soul singer & Outlander Gaelic consultant, Àdhamh Ó Broin & upcoming Dundonian producer Innes Little for a brand new mix of her 2014 piece 'Saor' ('Free'). Frankly, it's kick-ass & you can hear it by coming to Stand 16 in the Glasgow Concert Hall at Celtic Connections' Showcase Scotland from 9.30 - 2.30, Friday 27th of January. This incredible trio will be working hard over the next month on more Gaelic & bilingual rap, so watch this space!


It's been a long, convoluted & challenging journey since November 2012 when I started trying to get the Inter-Gaelic Rap Development Project off the ground, but two of out of the three tracks written and recorded in just four days in November 2014 are finally available for release as Ari Indo! If you'd like to support the Contemporary Gaelic & Irish-language artists involved, you can buy & download the 2 tracks on iTunes for just £1.58 here, on Google Play here, and Tidal here, or get them on Spotify hereDeezer here and MyJuke here.

Of course, if you'd like to listen to the full versions of Dualchas (Heritage) and Saor (Free) before downloading them, you can listen to them on Soundcloud, with the lyrics & translations below.


After further work during 2015 for the Dàna-Thursan an Tillidh (Adventures of the Return) and Trodaich na Teangan (Warriors of the Tongue) albums, I'm currently looking for collaborators with an interest in creating cutting-edge, bilingual Celtic Rap with a mix of commercial dance, house, & grime/jungle vibes, for both adult and younger audiences, including music videos for two songs and potential stage productions in future, utilising Ariel's multifacted performance art experience, including fire, acrobatics, sword balancing, theatre scriptwriting, costume design, makeup & bodyart. If you're interested, please get in touch via the contact sheet below.

Dualchas / Heritage 

Bilingual Scottish & Irish Gaelic Rap Track, featuring Ariel Killick (Scotland/Australia), Bubba Shakespeare (Ireland), Ruairidh Greumach (Scotland), produced, directed & assisted by Garry McCarthy of GMCBeats.com.

Music produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Garry McCarthy.

©Ariel Killick Independent State of Happiness 2015

Ariel's Irish Lyrics & Translation - Verse 3 (writ. by Ariel)
Lá éigin beidh sé go breá             One day it's gonna be okay                       
Tiocfaidh mo lá, sin é an fáth       My day will come, and that's why             
Ár dteanga rúnda, sin é ár gcód    Our secret language, that's our code,            Gach duine le chéile                    Everyone together       
Seasfaimid an fód                       We will stand our ground


Fiú mura bhfuil a fhios agam conas         Even if I don't know how       
Tá mé cinnte go sroichfimid an sonas      I'm sure we'll reach happiness   
Níl le déanamh ach éirí suas                   All we have to do is rise up           
Leanfaimid ar aghaidh                           We'll keep going,   

Gach duine léim suas                             Everyone jump up                 

Ná habair liom go bhfuil an Ghaeilge leadránach Don't tell me Irish is boring  
Mura mbíonn tusa ach díreach gearánach          If all you ever do is complain 
Céard a chaithfimid a dhéanamh                     What do we have to do    
Ní féidir glacadh leis an bhfreagairt chéanna  We can't accept the same answer     

Sèist & Drochaid Ghàidhlig - Scots Gaelic Chorus & Bridge (writ. by Ariel)

Dualchas thar Sruth na Maoile
Heritage over the Straits of Moyle

Gach duine de na Gàidheil air feadh a' t-saoghail
Sgaipibh an gaol, seas suas 'son a' chiùil
Thig sìos chuig an làr gus an tig ar latha
Gach duine na h-uile ga ràdh

All the Gaels around the world
Spread the love, stand up for the music
Come down to the floor til our day comes
Everyone saying

Sgaip an sgeul is sgaoil an gaol
Thig còmhla rinn gus an cum sinn a' seinn

Spread the word & let out the love
Come with us so we keep singing


Saor/ Free

Scots Gaelic Rap Track, written by & featuring Ariel Killick (Scotland/Australia), produced, directed & assisted by Garry McCarthy of GMCBeats.com.

Music produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Garry McCarthy.
©Ariel Killick Independent State of Happiness 2015

(Translation of lyrics below)

Rann 1

Latha eile, sabaid eile
Coltas air nach stad e a' chaoidh
Ciamar idir a mhaireas mi
Gu sìorraidh air mo bhualadh leis a' ghaoith?

Another day, another battle,
Looks like it'll never end
How on earth will I ever survive
Constantly beaten by the wind

Tha mi a' faicinn a' ròpa sin mun do amhaich
Is thu dhen bheachd nach ruig thu Didòmhnaich
Gabh ceum siar air ais bhon an iomall
Chì thu fhèin gun deàrrsaidh a' ghrian
Tog an cuideam sin far do earball
Is bi crìoch air do phian

I see that rope around your neck
And you thinking you won't make Sunday
Take a step back, back from the edge
You'll see yourself that the sun will shine
Take that weight off from your tail
And your pain will come to an end

Feumaidh thu bhith làidir 'son do bhruadar a choileanadh
Is gach dùbhlan dhen iomadh seòrsa mu do choinneamh is
Ma tha thu ag iarraidh am bàrr a ruighinn
Cha bhi e furasd a' tighinn
Feumaidh thu tòrr a' bharrachd a dhèanamh na dìreach bruidhinn!

You have to be strong to fulfil your dream
With every challenge of all sorts in front of you
And if you want to reach the top
It's not going to come easily
You have to do a lot more than just talk

Ciamar idir a ruigeas mi am bàrr
Is gun càil fhios agam idir càit an deach mi ceàrr

How on earth will I reach the top
If I've no idea at all where I went wrong?

Gaoth bheag 'son mo chur a' seòladh
Gum bi mo chridhe is mo spiorad nas àirde
Gaoth bheag 'son mo chur a' seòladh
Gum bi mo spiorad nas àirde
Tha mi saor, saor, saor, saor


A little wind to send me sailing
So my heart & spirit fly higher
A little wind to send me sailing
So my spirit flies higher
I'm free, free, free, free

Rann 2

Daonnan na mo aonar is air an taobh amuigh
Dorais gan dùnadh is e cho blàth a-staigh
Gach mionaid gach latha
Ga mo chall anns a' ghaoth
Is gun duine sam bith ann a' cur annam diù

Always on my own on the outside
Doors being closed and it's so warm inside
Every minute of every day
Getting lost in the wind
And no one round who give a stuff

Am bi thusa na do aingeal anns a' dorchadas
A' sabaid - gu sìorraidh an aghaidh an eu-dòchais
Tha cuideigin a' dhìth orm 'son mo chuideachadh
Air son mo chridhe is mo spiorad a àrdachadh

Will you be an angel in the darkness
Fighting forever against hopelessness
I need someone to help me
To raise my heart and spirit

A dh'aineoinn gach buille, donas is duilgheadas
Mi an dòchas gun deàrrsaidh a' ghrian anns mo dhorchadas
Cha dèan mi an-diugh e
Is cha dèan mi amàrach
Coimheadaidh mi gu domhainn na mo chridhe
Is tillidh mo mhisneach a dh'aithghearr

Despite every beating, badness, and difficulty
I hope the sun will shine in my darkness
I won't do it today
And I won't do it tomorrow
I will look deep in my heart
And my courage will return soon

Rann 3

Taing dha na fuadaichean
Mo mhuinntir ann an Alba uile ch'mhòr marbh
An spiorad 'nis nan taibhsean
A' bheatha seo nam aonar cho doirbh
Guthan mo shinnsir a' ràdh rium cùmail a' dol
Ach uaireannan tha mi cho aonarach
Chan eil mi ag iarraidh ach guil.

Thanks to the clearances
Most of my Scottish family are dead
Their spirit now only ghosts
This life on my own is so hard
Voices of my ancestors telling me to keep going But sometimes I'm so lonely
I just want to cry

An tu mo charaid no mo namhaid
Ga mo chuideachadh no mo mharbhadh
Is a ghreim sin timcheall m'amhaich
Chan eil mi cinnte am faic mi amàrach

Are you my friend or my enemy
Helping me or killing me
With that grip around my neck
I'm not sure I'll see tomorrow

Guthan mo shinnsir na mo chluasan
Clachan is creagan mu mo choinneamh
Is mi a' call gach lùths na mo chasan
'S iad a' fàs nas àirde gach mionaid

Voices of my ancestors in my ears
Stones and hills before me
As I lose all vigour in my legs
They grow higher every minute

Cha robh mi riamh ag iarraidh bhith coltach ri càch
A' dèanamh an aon rud a h-uile latha
Ach cha robh fios agam nuair a thòisich mi
Gum beireadh e cho faisg mi air mo bhàs

I never wanted to be like everyone else
Doing the same thing every day
But I didn't know when I started
That it would bring me so close to my death

Nì mi gach rud a dh'fheumas mi airson fuireach beò
Nì mi mo dhìcheall tighinn amach às gleann nan deòr
Fhad's a tha buillean mo chridhe fhathast a' dol
Feuchaidh mi cumail orm is sguir dhen ghuil
Daonnan a' snàmh an aghaidh a' droch-shìde
Na leig dhan abhainn do tharraing sìos
Ann an ùine nach bi ro – fhada
Is cinnte gun tig -do pheanas gu crìch.

I'll do everything I can to stay alive
I'll do my best to come out of this valley of tears As long as my heart still beats
I'll try to keep going and stop crying
Always swimming against the bad weather
Don't let the river drag you down
In time it won't be too long
Surely your penance will come to an end


Project Background

After nearly two years, the Columba Initiative/Bòrd na Gàidhlig-funded Inter-Gaelic Rap Project finally came to fruition in November 2014, in Cork, taking Ariel and Ruairidh Greumach, drummer from reknowned Gaelic electronic band Niteworks, and a Gaelic-language tutor and poet in his own right, to Cork, Ireland, to work with GMC & Bubba Shakespeare, two of Ireland's leading Irish-language rappers. 

Colm Cille Logo

Bòrd na Gàidhlig Logo

With three songs written & recorded in just four days - the first time Ariel had worked in the genre, the project was such a success, Ariel performed one of the songs, bilingual piece 'Set Yourself Free' at the prestigous National Gaelic Awards some two weeks later at the Radisson Blu in Glasgow, and reviewed by the Daily Record as giving a 'Knockout Performance' the following Friday, with this image of Ariel appearing in the paper:

Daily Record Ariel Killick - "Knockout Performance"

If you'd like a look at some of the great work Bubba Shakespeare & GMC are doing in Irish Gaelic, here's one of their songs below. It was fantastic to work with them and I'd definitely like to collaborate on further Scots/Irish Gaelic rap, and after a recent chance meeting with someone working for a Welsh music label, exploring links with the vibrant Welsh contemporary music scene would be pretty amazing too...

Ideally, I'd also eventually like to take out Bilingual and Gaelic Rap Workshops to schools and communities in Scotland at some stage, so if you're interested, you're most welcome to get in touch! 

Gaelic Rap Project was a Pocket Circus Production, as part of a collaboration formed in late 2012/early 2013. Ariel has worked independently since this time.