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Stilt Characters

Ariel's characters animate the atmosphere of your event in a highly visible and entertaining way, as a roving artistic spectacle, enlivening any occasion, interacting with the public and providing both enjoyable entertainment and memorable photo opportunities linked with your event.

Characters available include:

Rainbow Bubble Fairy: Excellent for summer, family & childrens' events with a large number of primary-aged children.

Ariel Killick Rainbow Bubble Fairy 3

The Last Kelpies & Gaelic Giants: Rambunctious bilingual Gaelic fun for family, cultural & corporate events.

Stilt Kelpies  Belladrum

Gràinne Mhòr & Scottish Nymph: Celtic/Viking character particularly suitable for Highland Games & Gatherings, Piping Competitions etc

Ariel Killick Gràinne Mhòr BGràinne Mhòr Stilt Character Ariel Killick aGráinne Mhór a

Forest Nymph: Perfect for garden and outdoor nature-themed events

 MG 53810028

Fire Nymph: Great for Halloween or Autumnfests

Ariel Killick Fire Nymph Edited

Fire Vaudeville: With or without Fire, excellent for all general promotional work, event animation & pre-event meet & greet spectacle, as well as Halloween in particular

Ariel Killick Stilt Walkabout0001

 Araya Snow Fairy & Mrs Christmas: Perfect for Christmas, Winter, Enchanted Evenings & Ice Ball events

Ariel Killick Araya

 Ariel Killick Ms Christmas

A brief video with video and images of all of Ariel's Stilt Characters, as well as client feedback can be seen below:

Walkabout Entertainment
Ariel's characters are particularly suitable for events throughout the year such as festivals, fairs (school, community, educational, corporate), Christmas Light Switch On's, seasonal and cultural events etc as she personally interacts with hundreds of people over large areas with entertainment specifically tailored to your theme or event. Ariel also has full PLI Insurance for stiltwalking and fire performance from Equity. 

Ariel has years of professional experience of effective media interaction - why not get in touch to find out how she can work with your local media outlets to create magical, memorable images to publicise your event...

u Ms Christmas

drive pedestrian traffic towards your event...

n Ms Christmas

make people smile and drive attention to local stallholders & other attractions once they get there...

Ariel Killick f Ms Christmas
and give them memories to both take home and publicise your event through social media...

d Ms Christmas

Pre-Event Spectacle Meet & Greet / Festival & Event Launches
Wow your event attendees before they even get in the door! Ariel's work is often used to add to the buzz around an event or promotion, and is a great way to attract and facilitate media exposure for your event and associated dignitaries or participants. Ariel regularly stops or slows traffic as she attracts attention from participants, the media and passersby and raises the profile of your event.

Why not also ask about a workshop /performance/stilt walkabout advertising package for your festival? Information on the wide range of stiltwalking and other workshops Ariel can provide to schools & communities as part of arts and street spectacle programming is available here.

Independent State of Happiness PACE Youth Theatre Halloween Stilters i

Ariel has over ten years of professional stilt performance experience and incorporates stunning makeup, high quality costume and character work as well as improvised comedy and rhyming couplets suitable for functions of all kinds.

q Ms Christmas

Ariel has worked with and alongside all of the premier street performance companies on the island of Ireland, such as The Beat Initiative, Streetwise Community Circus, Whirligig/Lux/Inishowen Carnival Group, St Patrick's Festival (Dublin), Masamba, Colours Street Theatre, Earwig Community Arts Group, and Clowns on the Street, and is also experienced in tailoring performances to an Gaelic/Irish-language or bilingual remit if required, indeed, Ariel is one of the few Irish- and Scots- Gaelic speaking professional stilt performers in the world.

A comprehensive range of visuals of Ariel's current stiltwork with visuals and descriptions of each character are set out on the left-hand side menu.

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I am available to perform at your event, deliver workshops or collaborate in event development anywhere in Ireland or Scotland.
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