The Last Live Kelpies & Giants, Gràinne Mhòr & Scottish Nymph

For Events in Scotland (Irish-based Events below):

The Last Living Kelpies!

After centuries of mercilessly munching small children, soft animals and random strangers, fate has dealt its final blow to our infamous Kelpies, who are now doomed to evermore roam with a rather large dark-coloured Human stuck in its centre to remind him of his evil deeds.

Stilt Kelpies  Belladrum

Not all is lost however, and passersby need no longer fear meeting their fate at the bottom of a loch, but can safely savour Scotland's Kelpies, secure in the knowledge that the steady hand of their Scots & Gaelic-speaking riders will wield their powerful, ancient magic & keep these beautiful yet fearsome Kelpies under entirely child-friendly control*...

 DSC4661 - WEB

*Kelpies may occasionally delight in sniffing passersby, not entirely quietly pondering their general tastiness, how yummy they'd be in his tummy, the delicious CRUNCH their bones would make... ssshhhh BAD Kelpie!!

Kelpies  Paisley Hlween Pde

Most people laugh... which is really.. annoying.. Children love it when Kelpie chases them, but with the aforesaid annoying Human stuck in his middle to torment him for all eternity and remind him of his evil deeds, he can't run as fast to catch up with them anymore.

Pooh... On the other hand, Festival Health & Safety Crews rather appreciate that aspect.

As we said...Pooh. For which the Gaelic is 'Daingead', & Kelpie speaks that too!


Nobody wants a big, fat hairy bilingual Gaelic-speaking Giant to literally leap out from Scotland's rich mythical lore, terrorise event guests and visitors and chase after children, threatening to chomp them for their dinner... do they?

If the children from our last gig ever stop yelling 'CHASE ME!!!', 'no, CHASE MEEE!!'... we might have a chance to get back to you on that one...

Here's a rare shot capturing two of our Giants when they were way more young, slim and handsome than us...

g. Paireid Oidhche Shamhna Phaislig 2015- Na Fuamhairean

gggg. Paireid Oidhche Shamhna Phaislig 2015- Na Fuamhairean

Gràinne Mhòr

Gràinne Mhòr has heard a festival is in town and has come down from her highlands hideout for a spot of traditional plunder and pillaging... Will she succeed in her pillaging and plundering attempts amongst the crowd? Or will she go home empty handed – only they can decide! She also has a particular fondness for fèisean and loves nothing better than testing participants on what they've learned... or challenging them to enter a fearsome (although entirely child-friendly) sword battle!

Gràinne Mhòr also comes in the guise as a Forest Nymph... although she's still quite fond of spontaneous sword battles, she particularly likes to share the ancient art of poi-swinging and juggling to passing children!

"An amazing force of nature in its purest form – a terrific role model. Sometimes I've been lucky enough meet people who no matter what language they speak can communicate with anyone –  Ariel is one of them."

Dan Gordon, scriptwriter for the Lyric Theatre/Ulster Scots Agency/Foras na Gaeilge Pat and Plain Project, 2012.

For Events in Ireland: After an embarrassing incident with Cúchulainn and the Fishstick of Foolishness, Gráinne Mhaol (a distant forebear of famed female pirate Gráinne Mhaol) has been banished to do a spot of traditional plunder and pillaging to refill the stocks. A fiesty character who loves drawing her sword for spontaneous child-friendly duels, she also introduces the dulcet tones of the beautifully decorated Horn of Tara and some extraordinarily nice handpainted Celtic artwork appropriately located on her bum. An adaptable and entertaining walkabout character Particularly suitable for events with large numbers of Irish/Scots Gaelic speakers or other events and festivals wishing to include Irish and/or Scots Gaelic in their programming.

Gráinne Mhór  Glasgow Merchant City Arts Festival

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