Vaudeville Fire

From a monster goth character to sumptuous vaudeville style, this walkabout act on stilts combines stunning makeup, and fire art (fire poi and fire fingers if appropriate) to light up any occasion. For occasions where fire is not suitable, as the sister of Edward Scissorhands, she puts her long fingers to great use in bringing a touch of class to Northern hairstyles. One of Ariel's most popular and versatile characters, for both entertainment and promotional work, it is also a favourite for riotous fun with primary-aged children, and the most suitable for events involving food & drink.

Further adaptions to this character include Clogaidín Craiceáilte (Little Crazy Hat) & makeup suitable for Halloween events (e.g. goth/scary characters etc).

"Very happy, definitely added to the carnival atmosphere."

Victoria Square, Shopping Centre, Belfast, for their 'Summer Carnival' promotion.

"Very impressed... her costume and make-up look amazing and her stilt performance dazzles, Ariel interacted with the hundreds of people that attended... She spoke to everyone in Irish and English, playing and dancing with children which entertained everyone...really added to the week long festivities. She was professional in every way possible."

Summer School, Northern Ireland

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