Halloween Characters

The Fire Vaudeville and Fire Nymph characters are great choices to add to any Halloween event entertainment, and the mythical Kelpies & large-scale Tattie Bogle puppets just add to the fun!

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Na Tattie Bogles    Paisley Hlween Pde 1

The Fire Nymph is a captivating and beautiful roving spectacle to add to the atmosphere as an ethereal, otherworldly character to welcome and play with visitors, integrating Autumnal or Halloween themes as appropriate. Images of the Fire Nymph in action are to the right at the top, with video footage available here as well.    


The Fire Vaudeville character (also to right) encompasses a monster goth visuals to sumptuous vaudeville style, combining stunning makeup, and fire art (fire poi and fire fingers if appropriate) to light up any occasion! One of Ariel's most popular and versatile characters, it is also a favourite for riotous fun with primary-aged children, and the most suitable for events involving food & drink.

Further adaptions to this character include Clogaidín Craiceáilte (Little Crazy Hat) & makeup suitable for Halloween events (e.g. goth/scary characters etc).

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