Forest Nymph

The Forest Nymph is a captivating and beautiful roving spectacle to add to the atmostphere of any event as an ethereal, otherworldly character emerging from nature to welcome and play with visitors from this world, encouraging people to both take part in any day's/evening's activities and appreciate the surrounding natural environment.

Ariel Killick Forest Nymph Gibson St Gala b 2

The character can also work well as a Gaelic/Irish spirit, beguiling people to use what Gaelic or Irish they have, where requested.

Ariel & her Forest Nymph character were delighted to be a central part of the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh Corroborree Festival, in conjunction with Festival 2014 as part of the Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival, and one of Ariel's two Gaelic-language projects involved in the nationwide festival. Working with Jillibalu Barns-Riley, a native speaker of Australian Aborginal language, Djabugai and 2nd year BA student at the prestigious National Institute of Circus Arts, Australia, the pair collaborated over a two week period, developing a scripted piece of street theatre introducing themselves, their respective histories and languages, which was performed at three RBGE gardens around Scotland.

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