I had the privilege of getting back into acrobalance training in 2012 and 2013 with some great people such as Ben Collis and others from across the planet in various international training adventures.

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Just after I relocated my practise from Belfast to Glasgow, Northern Ireland's premier community television organisation, Northern Visions travelled from Belfast to spend two days with Ben and I in Glasgow to make a short documentary about my work - images from an acrobatic photoshoot as part of the film are just below with the full 13 minute documentary just underneath. We only had a few hours over a couple of days to work up a routine, after a break of nearly two years for myself from acrobalance while I focussed on stilt performance, but was fantastic to be back creating this kind of work. I'm very grateful to Northern Visions for approaching me and making such a lovely documentary, to Ben Collis for lending his expertise to the project and to Olga Kirillova for the use of her airbrushing equipment and assistance with a very tight filming schedule. 2013 was an eventful for year for me as my first year in Scotland and lots has changed since this documentary was filmed, but it's still a nice slice of time along this adventure of mine..

Ariel Killick - Ard-Siamsaíochta from Northern Visions NvTv on Vimeo.

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