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Fresh Gaelic Rap @ Celtic Connections' Showcase 27.1.17

Thigibh a' tadhal air Ariel is a com-pàirtichean ùra, an sàr-sheinneadair Àdhamh Ó Broin & riochdaire-ciùil, Innes Little aig Stannd 16 ann an Tallaichean-Cuirme Ghlaschu bho 9.30 - 2.30uf Dihaoine an 27mh Faoilleach!

Ariel is delighted to be collaborating with powerful Gaelic soul singer & Outlander Gaelic consultant, Àdhamh Ó Broin & upcoming Dundonian producer Innes Little for a brand new mix of her 2014 piece 'Saor' ('Free'). Frankly, it's kick-ass & you can hear it by coming to Stand 16 in the Glasgow Concert Hall at Celtic Connections' Showcase Scotland from 9.30 - 2.30, Friday 27th of January. This incredible trio will be working hard over the next month on more Gaelic & bilingual rap, so watch this space!


It's been a long, convoluted & challenging journey since November 2012 when I started trying to get the Inter-Gaelic Rap Development Project off the ground, but two of out of the three tracks written and recorded in just four days in November 2014 are finally available for release as Ari Indo! If you'd like to support the Contemporary Gaelic & Irish-language artists involved, you can buy & download the 2 tracks on iTunes for just £1.58 here, on Google Play here, and Tidal here, or get them on Spotify hereDeezer here and MyJuke here.

Of course, if you'd like to listen to the full versions of Dualchas (Heritage) and Saor (Free) before downloading them, you can listen to them on Soundcloud, with the lyrics & translations below.


After further work during 2015 for the Dàna-Thursan an Tillidh (Adventures of the Return) and Trodaich na Teangan (Warriors of the Tongue) albums, I'm currently looking for collaborators with an interest in creating cutting-edge, bilingual Celtic Rap with a mix of commercial dance, house, & grime/jungle vibes, for both adult and younger audiences, including music videos for two songs and potential stage productions in future, utilising Ariel's multifacted performance art experience, including fire, acrobatics, sword balancing, theatre scriptwriting, costume design, makeup & bodyart. If you're interested, please get in touch via the contact sheet below.

Dualchas / Heritage 

Bilingual Scottish & Irish Gaelic Rap Track, featuring Ariel Killick (Scotland/Australia), Bubba Shakespeare (Ireland), Ruairidh Greumach (Scotland), produced, directed & assisted by Garry McCarthy of GMCBeats.com.

Music produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Garry McCarthy.

©Ariel Killick Independent State of Happiness 2015


Saor/ Free

Scots Gaelic Rap Track, written by & featuring Ariel Killick (Scotland/Australia), produced, directed & assisted by Garry McCarthy of GMCBeats.com.

Music produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Garry McCarthy.
©Ariel Killick Independent State of Happiness 2015





Project Background

After nearly two years, the Columba Initiative/Bòrd na Gàidhlig-funded Inter-Gaelic Rap Project finally came to fruition in November 2014, in Cork, taking Ariel and Ruairidh Greumach, drummer from reknowned Gaelic electronic band Niteworks, and a Gaelic-language tutor and poet in his own right, to Cork, Ireland, to work with GMC & Bubba Shakespeare, two of Ireland's leading Irish-language rappers. 

Colm Cille Logo

Bòrd na Gàidhlig Logo

With three songs written & recorded in just four days - the first time Ariel had worked in the genre, the project was such a success, Ariel performed one of the songs, bilingual piece 'Set Yourself Free' at the prestigous National Gaelic Awards some two weeks later at the Radisson Blu in Glasgow, and reviewed by the Daily Record as giving a 'Knockout Performance' the following Friday, with this image of Ariel appearing in the paper:

Daily Record Ariel Killick - "Knockout Performance"

If you'd like a look at some of the great work Bubba Shakespeare & GMC are doing in Irish Gaelic, here's one of their songs below. It was fantastic to work with them and I'd definitely like to collaborate on further Scots/Irish Gaelic rap, and after a recent chance meeting with someone working for a Welsh music label, exploring links with the vibrant Welsh contemporary music scene would be pretty amazing too...

Ideally, I'd also eventually like to take out Bilingual and Gaelic Rap Workshops to schools and communities in Scotland at some stage, so if you're interested, you're most welcome to get in touch! 

Gaelic Rap Project was a Pocket Circus Production, as part of a collaboration formed in late 2012/early 2013. Ariel has worked independently since this time.


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