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Event Coordination & Joint Irish/Scots Gaelic Projects

if you're looking to bring Scots Gaelic & Irish speakers together, or increase their knowledge of each other's language, why not consider the very successful Pop Up Gaelic Café? As well as major festivals in Scotland, the Café has recently toured to two festivals in Northern Ireland, including Rights & Revelry, one of the premier Irish-language events on the island of Ireland, run by Pobal. Read the first-class feedback from participants, as well as full information, as well as images & video, on the Pop Up Gaelic Café and other Scots-Gaelic street theatre concepts, here.

Since learning Irish more than 12 years ago and moving to Ireland permanently from Sydney in 2000, Ariel has also contributed much to Irish-language activity, including jointly co-ordinating speed-dating sessions and workshops as Gaeilge in African drumming, yoga, belly-dancing and circus skills for the Dublin St Patrick's Festival Irish language events, now known as Gaelspraoi, as well as a scheme of circus skills workshops in Irish in schools around Dublin and Ireland in conjunction with DTE Inc. Ariel has a wide range of contacts for Irish-speaking and other artists if you would like to explore collaborative event development, and particularly if you would like to explore a joint Irish/Scots Gaelic project.

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I am available to perform at your event, deliver workshops or collaborate in event development anywhere in Ireland or Scotland.
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