Graffiti Art - Connecting Celtic with Contemporary

Kilbirnie Mural

Graffiti Art workshops are another innovative & invigorating way of placing Gaelic at the heart of contemporary culture, also drawing on links between ancient Celtic letter illumination art & the modern Art of the Word so prominent Hip Hop Graffiti practice.

Celtic Knotwork Detail

Participants explore their own creativity whilst enhancing their technical skills of observation & accuracy of representation, as well as integrating ancient Celtic artforms and modern Gaelic words.

Fèis an Earraigh

• For ages 8 up and all adult levels
• can be delivered as a 2 hour standalone session
• as 2-3 sessions over the course of a day,
• as part of a package of mixed workshops over 1 or more days,
• or in conjunction with lantern-making & wicker sculpture for larger street spectacle projects, using Celtic Art graffiti stencilling and poetry
• some additional materials costs apply
• use of spray-paints weather-dependent & must be outdoors.

Banksy Style Detail

"Very enjoyable & engaging, well-prepared and organised - an excellent workshop for P6/7" Teacher, Port Ellen Primary, Islay.

Mionchànan Miann Mòr Full Artwork Ariel Killick 2016e

Ariel is also available for large-scale solo and community/class-participative graffiti mural artworks such as the bilingual mural above collaboratively created with members of the Kilbirnie Youth Project Summer Scheme & a young local artist from the Kilbirnie Employability Hub at the local Bridgeton Community Centre. 

Ariel Killick Gaelic Graffiti Art Spòrsail Fun    Workshop Outcomes a   Workshop Outcomes j   Workshop Outcomes zd

Ariel is also pictured below with her piece 'Mionchànan, Miann Mòr', Minority Language, Big Desire/Dream/Ambition (a play on words with 'mion' meaning 'small or mini' and 'mòr' meaning 'big' in Gaelic), as part of Donostia / San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture, and Scotland's Gaelic College Family Week. This was a special Gaelic Graffiti Artwork for a shipping container forming the 'cultural cargo' sent out as part of the Tosta Festival to Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Galicia, Friesland & the Basque country. Ariel is pictured with Principle of Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Boyd Robertson, below.

The artwork was situated on the vacant land earmarked for the development of the first new Highlands village in many years, Kilbeg Village, beside Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, with this fact certainly playing a part in Ariel's development of the artwork and the following poetic blessing came to mind...

Mo bheannachd air Bhaile ùr na Cille Bige
'S air an obair uile ann is uime,
'S e mo ghuidhe gum bi a' Ghàidhlig ann cho beò
Gun leath i air feadh a' bhaile mar an ceò
Is gum bi an sluagh daonnan misneachail 's a' fàs
Is sìth agus soirbheas nam measg gu bràth.

Blessings to new Kilbeg
and all the work there and around it,
I pray that Gaelic will there be so alive
That it will spread over the village like mist
and that the people will always be courageous and growing
with peace and success in their midst forever.

I have to admit it does sound a good bit better in Gaelic!

For older participants, a drama workshop can be a great way to open up discussion about topics, such as language or other issues, leading to a collaborative graffiti project.. why not contact Ariel to find out more or discuss how graffiti workshops can form part of a wider arts programme or event?

Mionchànan Miann Mòr Full Artwork Ariel Killick 2016g

These workshops also fulfil a range of Expressive Arts & Gaelic Learning Outcomes of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, such as:

"I have experimented with a range of media and technologies to create images and objects, using my understanding of their properties." EXA 3-02a

"Through observing and recording, I can create material that shows accuracy of representation." EXA 3-04a

"I have the freedom to discover and choose ways to create images and objects using a variety of materials." EXA 0-02a

"I can use a bilingual dictionary independently to help me understand new language." LGL 3-11a


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