Celtic Wishing Tree

If you're looking for a different way of engaging with your local community in the leadup to a festival, as well as creating eyecatching community-made and interactive professional artistic content, why not give Ariel a call? The Wishing Tree can be a beautiful way of collecting wishes from guests at Weddings and other major events, as well as a way of giving something back to a community via participative workshops and gaining important anonymous feedback, suggestions and ideas for Corporate Events.

Craobh nam Miann

Ariel was Community Artist in Residence at the Banff/MacDuff Coast Arts Festival in 2015 and created this Celtic Wishing Tree over a two week period, whilst also delivering a number of lantern-making workshops with local community and schools groups, aiding some to literally put their name up in lights.

The Wishing Tree installation formed part of the Community Groups Marquee at the Festival and members of the community were invited to post their wishes on the tree, leaving wishes from simple to profound, hilarious to heartbreakingly touching..

happinessfor healthThat I could fly

To stay in recovery

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