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A uniquely entertaining way to include Gaelic in event programming, bilingual Gaelic comedy street theatre act, the Gaelic Pop-Up Café – 'where Gaelic's always on the menu!' Serving up tasty Gaelic bites for the delectation & delight of Festival visitors, including a light Entrée of enticing Gaelic Greetings and tailor-made Essential Festival Phrases for Mains!

Pop Up Gaelic Café  Largs Viking Fest

Our age-appropriate 'Naughty Bits' for Dessert are always very popular, as are the saucy sentences cooked up by our cunning linguists for the Super Sexy Desserts for the Over 16s! Our special brew of Traditional Gaelic Drinks gives those with a thirst for Scotland's cultural heritage a finely distilled taste of Gaelic names for traditional Scottish Drinks too! Hearty helpings of song and bonkers banter guaranteed, suitable for those with no Gaelic at all, learners & fluent speakers.


A strong & experienced act that also works as a very effective Gaelic Outreach initiative, previously performed at Ardrossan Castle Gala Day, Kilwinning Carnival, Marymass Festival, Inverness Street Theatre Festival, Glasgow Mela, Skainosfest & Belfast's largest Irish-language festival 'Cearta is Ceiliúradh'. Largely designed for those with no Gaelic or learners, with special Fluent Speaker menus as well. 

i Pop Up Gaelic Café

The Pop Up Gaelic Café features a focus on lighthearted bilingual interaction with passing crowds, animating any large festival or event atmosphere and can also be an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of local Gaelic events & groups & promote Festival & event programming in an on-street context. This seasonally-adaptable act (why not ask about the Christmas Café now!) comes with its own gazebo and has no technical requirements.

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The Gaelic Pop Up Café launched at Scotland's biggest multi-cultural festival, the Glasgow Mela, in 2013 and went on to perform at Glasgow's Merchant City Festival, attracting first-class feedback from the wide range of particpants, featured below.

The Pop Up Café can also visit schools as innovative and fun Gaelic Theatre in Education workshops specifically tailored to assist students actively engaging with Gaelic Food and Drink vocabulary from years P4 - S3. Maighister Eoghan Stewart, Gaelic Teacher at Alness Academy, is pictured proudly with the Café on its first stop of a tour of local schools he helped to organise, in conjunction with High Life Highland:

Alness Schools Tour


Feedback for the Pop Up Gaelic Café:

Video with Cafe Participant Alec

Video with Pop Up Café Participant Con

Post sònaSonas song ... happiness!

"Fabulous experience. A good way to promote our heritage and language."

"Great stuff! People are really getting into it!" (Duine le Gàidhlig / Gàidhlig-speaker)

"What a great introduction to a new language! Fun! Fun! Fun! Thank you, Grazie, Dzien Dobre... "I've done Polish & Italien, this is way more fun and a great way to learn a language!"

"It's really great to see Gaelic at the festival. There should definitely be more of this."

"I think it's highly entertaining and a conducive learning environment. Very enjoyable."

"This was great! As a tourist it was very educational"

"Good to see Gaelic represented and a fun way to interact"

"Thumbs up!"

"I enjoyed attempting the song! Bonus was the tea and shortbread"

"My husband and I are both doctors and we feel it's important to be able to speak to all of our patients in their native language so we were glad to get the chance to learn these phrases in Gaelic."

"It's been very entertaining to learn some naughty bits and for my friend to learn something useful too! And thanks for tea and shortbread."

"Very entertaining, informative, friendly, makes me want to find out more"

"Great fun and educational too!"

"Great fun! Surprisingly useful in my employ (sic)".

"It was great, friendly and welcoming to the public! Can't wait to see more!"

"I really enjoyed it & think the language should be kept alive. Thank you!"

"Really good – enjoyed it. Well done Glasgow!"

"Great idea – puts us in touch with our cultural roots."

"Fantastic to see efforts made to see the legacy of Gaelic continue, important to keep heritage language".

"Thank you! Very fun and hospitable!"

"Pòg mo thòin!" - two excitable teenagers as they passed us after learning 'Naughty Bits' at the Café..

Start up funding support gratefully acknowledged from the Gaelic Drama network fund, supported by Bòrd na Gàidhlig, Creative Scotland, An Lòchran, Glaschu Beò & Merchant City Arts Festival to develop the Pop-Up Gaelic Café and Great Gaelic Ferry concepts, devised by sònaSonas Director Ariel Killick in collaboration with Catriona Lexy Campbell, Beth Frieden, Dòl Eoin MacKinnon & Coinneach Iain MacRae.

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 The website for the March—August 2013 phase of these Gaelic & Bilingual Street Theatre Acts is at www.sonasonas.co.uk

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