Céard é Stát Neamhspleách Sonais?


Is iomaí compántas clúiteach sorcais atá ann a n-áirítear an focal 'State' mar chuid de – leithéidí Welfare State International, No Fit State Circus agus gan dabht an Russian agus Chinese State Circus. Tháinig an smaoineamh faoi Stát Neamhspleách Sonais agus mé ag freastal ar cheardlanna sa Drámaíocht Sráide le compántas Spraoi i bPort Láirge..cheap mé gur iontach an smaoineamh le haghaidh píosa drámaíochta sráide a bhí ann..agus is mar sin a tháinig ann don teideal seo...agus lá éigin nuair a bheidh mé sách mór, sin an t ainm a bheidh ar mo chomhlacht.


Ach idir an dá linn, ar mhian leatsa Stát Neamhspleách Sonais a chur ar bun ar feadh cúpla uair a chloig i do cheantar féin? Téigh i dteagmháil liom don eolas ar fad.. Achar thart faoi 3m x 3m a bheidh ag teastáil agus beidh ár nOifigigh Iontrála féin againn (i measc go leor eile!) le fáilte a chur roimh dhaoine agus iad ag tabhairt cuairt ar an Stát nuabhunaithe. Agus lá éigin, lá breá éigin, cuirfidh mé Stát Neamhspleách Sonais ar bun i scuaine an checkout in Aldi..nó taobh amuigh d'oifig an dóil...nó áit éigin an lá dorcha gruama sin i mí Eanáir nuair a fhaighimid billí na gcártaí creidmheasa!

The Independent State of Happiness Manifesto

As it rains and pours outside,
we fight for a better mind inside
striving for a sun in ourselves that will never fade
A state not bound by its economic sadness
but by the strength of its spirit in a day of darkness
A break from broken hearts and dreams
A state in which our will for happiness is greater than our leaders' failures
No European Union but the union of hearts and minds that makes us human
While we yet live, let us kick and scream and come through a state of madness to overcome the sadness

They can take my job and they can take my home
but they will never take away my independent state of happiness

At the end of the day, I shall stand and see the sunset shining
and behold, an Independent State of Happiness.

Ariel Killick, 2007/2013

In Breaking News - A Statement from the Leader of the Anti-Depression Resistance Movement

"Obviously we're very concerned people might think we're just taking the piss in setting up an independent state, but nothing could be further from the truth. We're indisputedly serious and have successfully (and quite artfully) jumped through all the required diplomatic hoops - obviously we  did prefer Aisle number 4 in the checkout queue at Lidl but unfortunately there were some insurmountable technical issues, such as they threatened to force us to actually do our shopping there & eat their sausages for a week. We were also interested in our local dole queue but again we faced competition from certain individuals pushing a synthetic form of happiness that we're very much against. We advocate a form of happiness that ideally doesn't endanger the liver, the lungs, future seratonin levels, your ability to hold down a job or an intelligent conversation. We're very proud of our allied forces, the Samaritans, they're doing some really sterling work on the front lines, dealing with very serious situations and we would encourage people to support them as much as possible. Some of the resistance members have suffered serious losses and are quite battle-scarred but this just firms our resolve to increase endeavours for the resistance movement.

We fervently believe in the power of positive affirmation, breaking down the patterns of social isolation, the hidden healing powers of a heartfelt hug and refreshing tea in a lovely hot mug. We also give out lollipops. Not exactly the most fundamental part of our anti-depression resistance movement, the lollipops, but they do taste quite nice. We rather like hugs too, but we have had to draw the line at kisses unfortunately, which is where the lollipops come in handy...

Of course it is quite possible to set up one's own independent state of happiness, say, in an auspicious area of your conservatory for example, or indeed you could get to know your neighbour better by suggesting setting up an joint independent state in his or her front garden! As long as you don't invite a diplomatic delegation from North Korea for tea, it's a guaranteed winner! (Nuclear warheads do so squash the petunias...)

Obviously though, one can't be in a state of happiness all the time - the many rogue states of madness are constantly on the attack - on the various waves of this sea of life however, one can always put on one's inner rubber floaties and practise some preliminary paddling before taking on the deeper seas...

How successful is the state? Well we're happy to say our happy smiley hit rate has averaged some 12 ¾ grins a minute - but only because some people's smiles look a little like grimaces and honestly sometimes it's hard to tell the difference... we hope we got a smile from you..."

 © Ariel Killick 2014

™ Stàt Neo-Eisimeileach Sonais / Independent State of Happiness It's a State of Mind


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