Bealtaine 2016

In over 15 years of my work featuring in various media in Ireland, Northern Ireland & now Scotland, this article here on my Stiltwalking Training in The National by Paula McGuire is one of the loveliest articles I've ever had the privilege of being involved in. Hearing Paula's journey from seriously life-limiting anxiety to a lady who's stood atop a plane, climbed mountains, been in an anti-gravity centrifugal Space-Training container and challenged herself to do an amazing array of things, she was a giant long before she came to me to learn to walk on stilts. Superheroes aren't just in cinemas - they are real and live among us in all shapes and sizes - an absolute and unforgettable privilege to work with Paula, and deepest thanks to Stàit Neo-Eisimeileach Sonais' own Superhero, Mr Calum Beaton for being so amazingly awesome so often and sharing some well-needed training space.

(just a wee thing, but it's not quite duct tape that we use...)


Aibreán 2016

A wee snippet on BBC Alba about my Contemporary Gaelic Arts workshops in Graffiti, Circus Skills & Rap for the lovely kids of Fèis Inbhir Narainn recently.... you can watch the piece, also featuring comments in English by one of the event organisers, here.

Christmas 2015

Lots of discussions and meetings planning exciting projects & performances next year, but before we take a well-needed break over the holiday season, some wonderful parental feedback from the 3 Storytelling, Drama & Circus Skills workshops in the East of Scotland recently...

"I've never seen my daughter take part in anything, ever - that was amazing!"

Feedback like this is what keeps us going. If you'd like to look at bringing some workshops, stilt performance, the Pop Up Gaelic Café or community participative street theatre & spectacle work to your area, you're most welcome to get in touch here.




Is is that time already?! November went like the wind, but not without finalising a brief video of all the amazing work, performers and participants in our second year of Bilingual Gaelic Street Theatre & Spectacle of work for Paisley's Halloween Festival - a direct legacy project for us from Paisley's Royal National Mòd 2013. From a mere 7 performers and two groups of children and parents from Tannahill Community Centre & St Charles' Primary last year, over 50 children, teenagers and young adults worked with Independent State of Happiness this year, from 3 different Youth Theatre & Dance groups, including over 20 performers from St Catherine's Primary. It was truly an amazing project - you can have a look at a brief video, with images, participant feedback and a wee taste of the dramatic work here.


30.10.15 Paisley Halloween Festival Parade

Want to find out more about the characters in tonight's parade from 6pm, Thomas Coats Memorial Church, High Street, Paisley? Here's a handy guide!

WIN PRIZES! We're looking for the best photos and videos that capture the spirit of the bilingual Gaelic sections of our parade – with a free Big Gaelic Beasties Storytelling or bilingual Gaelic Circus Skills Workshop for your local school class or children's & youth group in Paisley or Glasgow! Post your images & videos to our Facebook page here & winners will be announced next week!


Independent State of Happiness Bilingual Gaelic Parade Guide


Oíche Shamhna!

Yes, that time's finally arrived! After months of planning and meetings and more than 6 weeks working full-time to create the amazing costumes and wearable art pieces you're seeing tonight, as well as many workshops and rehearsals with groups of performers from PACE Youth Theatre, Right2Dance, Historical Adventures & St Catherine's Primary, there's just one day to go before this groundbreaking project takes place!

Paisley Halloween Poster

110 participants

70 Lanterns

60 young performers

34 hand-made costumes & wearable art pieces

3 Youth Arts Groups & 3 Languages – Gaelic, Scots & English

Major Bilingual Gaelic Street Theatre & Spectacle Parade – As Part of Paisley Halloween Festival

6pm, Friday the 30th of October, leaving from Thomas Coats Memorial Church, High Street, Paisley, PA2 9NH

Continuing the legacy of 2013's Royal National Mòd in Paisley & building on the success of last year's inaugural Paisley Halloween Parade, where Independent State of Happiness worked with 7 young stilt performers and over 280 children & parents from the Paisley area creating bilingual Gaelic street theatre and spectacle for the parade, Artistic Director of Stàit Neo-Eisimeileach Sonais/Independent State of Happiness, Ariel Killick, is delighted to be present this groundbreaking and ambitious project. Working in partnership with Renfrewshire Council Town Centre & Events Team, PACE Youth Theatre, Right2Dance, Historical Adventures & St Catherine's Primary, creating 12 individual parade sections, this event will be one of the largest bilingual Gaelic drama performances ever to take place.

Going forward, Stàit Neo-Eisimeileach Sonais / Independent State of Happiness will be working to collaborate with communities across Scotland, developing similar bilingual Gaelic street theatre and spectacle parade content to:

• raise the profile of Gaelic & local events in a highly public, accessible & participative manner

• broadening and strengthening contemporary Gaelic arts engagement opportunities and language use contexts

• afford opportunities for creative & linguistic engagement across age groups

• build social cohesion & pride

• deepen & broaden understanding and appreciation of Scotland's diversely rich cultural heritage and identity.

as we seek to incrementally build on resources via locally available funding, to return bigger events and greater engagement opportunities to each community year on year.

This is a landmark event that marks a significant breakthrough for Gaelic Arts, with significant potential to effect positive transformation and progress in the visibility and profile of Gaelic across Scotland over coming years.

If you'd like to chat to Ariel about bringing this transformative work to your community, you're welcome to get in touch via the Contact Page.



Deireadh Fómhair

It's been a busy month already with 53 workshops over two weeks for Blas Festival, then straight into the studio developing content for the 2nd Paisley Halloween Parade, a week touring schools in Westport, Ireland, developing content for the first Wesport Arts Festival Parade & their 40th Anniversary and now Mòd week! It's been a long and challenging journey since that one intense day with 5 meetings and a small part in a Gaelic play back at the Dunoon Mòd in 2012.. you can read all about Independent State of Happiness' journey via the three National Mòds since then here and some info about an exciting project that's part of the legacy from Paisley National Mòd in 2013 below!

Paisley Halloween Poster



Apart from Stilt Performance and general Ringmaster-style work, the other main circus feather in my cap is the art of Balancing, or Equilibristics, to give it its fancier technical name. Maybe it's linked to having spent so many years on stilts, but it comes quite easily to me, which means lots of scope for taking it further. Here are some shots taken at Comar's Festimull, by Sarah Darling recently.

Actually, Balance is something I believe is pretty important - whether its a four-foot broadsword on the chin, striking a balance between the traditional and contemporary, the light and dark, child-appropriate content and that for adolescents and grown ups - it keeps life interesting with a broad perspective which enhances the experience of an artist in providing material for all. It's also great for developing focus and a sense of calm in challenging circumstances (when balancing swords, I mean..)

Balancing 1           Balancing 3

       Balancing 2





Big things are afoot, as we move to the final stage of confirming and signing contracts for two major bilingual street theatre & spectacle projects, one working with Irish Gaelic in the West of Ireland first up and another with Gaelic closer to home in Scotland shortly after. As I've been working and training for the last 15 years to get to this point, it's a very exciting time and I'm deeply grateful for the skills, experience and enthusiasm of my collaborator and close friend, Calum Beaton, a core member of reknowned Scottish street theatre group, Mischief La Bas, for over ten years and one of the most experienced street theatre and spectacle practitioners in Scotland, and also, as far as we know, the only other such artist with Gaelic.


Exciting times indeed, with lots of planning and prep still to come, but first up, making contact with Festivals for bookings for November, Christmas & the New Year, and supporting Calum's & Theatre Found's Edinbrugh Fringe Show, 'Showbiz, Or, Repeat Until Funny', and preparing for my 2nd Blas Festival & 5th High Life Highland schools workshop tour across the Highlands at the beginning of September. 



June & July

So June and July have been very busy months, with workshops at two festivals in Scotland as well as for Irish-language Summer Schemes in Northern Ireland, and the work as part of Mull's first Festimull, organised by Comar Arts, Tobermory, being my absolute highlight! My work included well-attended bilingual Gaelic workshops in Circus Skills, Graffiti Art and Lantern-making and fantastic images by their professional photographic documenter, Sarah Darling, are below.


Mull 6Mull 1Mull 2


It was also really lovely too to see likely distant relative, Atty McKechnie's name up in An Tobar, the Tobermory Arts Centre, as one of those helping to establish it, with more stories kindly shared by his very close friend, Professor Sir Tom Devine & his wife, Catherine, afterwards. No better way to end my latest Mull Adventures than a trek to Shiaba in lovely sunshine, followed by Sir Tom's adamant affirmation that it is indeed 'the most significant site in the Western Highland'.


More Thank You letters...


I'm building up quite a collection of these now, but nonetheless, they're never expected and by no means come from every single project or workshop I give - which makes them all the more touching when they do come in. I know that they're often teacher-instigated, but the drawings and valient writing attempts never fail to put a final warm glow to a project. The letter where a child outright wishes me luck for the Festival was really sweet too - these letters never fail to be quite a beautiful and unexpected surprise, often as I head out on the long drive home after a project completion...



Community Artist in Residence at Coast Festival, Banff

Craobh nam Miann - Wishing Tree Project @ Coast Festival, Banff, Aberdeenshire... So for the last two weeks, I've been honoured to have been Community Artist in Residence at Coast Festival... I've never worked harder or longer hours, creating a nearly 2m tall 3D Wire Sculpted Wishing Tree whilst also delivering 6 Community Lantern-Making workshops. It has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my career to date, and an amazing affirmation of the relevance and value of Community Arts, as I worked with the SMART (Self-Management & Recovery Training) group, a Drug Addiction Recovery group, as well as members of the Banff Hillwalking Group, in literally putting their names in lights. Seeing the struggles of others and their determination to keep going has been both humbling and encouraging, and I'm deeply grateful to all the hard work of the Festival team in helping to make it happen. And the Banff community for engaging with the work by posting wishes on the tree, from small to great, hilarious to heartbreakingly poignant. I've also been honoured to have been part of assisting one woman's journey of growing self-confidence and making community links in her journey of recovering from addiction. Community Arts... powerful, beautiful and so worthwhile.. thank you to all my various tutors and inspirers on my own journey too...



Scottish Storytelling Centre!

Fantastic day at Scottish Storytelling Centre with totally sold out Gaelic Goldilocks event! Many thanks to the 30+ parents & children who came and especially to the centre for taking such lovely photos! Now to work on Big Gaelic Beasties & Adventures with the Gaelic Tree Alphabet for Blas Festival in September! Taing mhòr mhòr a-rithist do Arthur Cormack & High Life Highland airson an taic dhan obair agam - Deepest gratitude to Art MacCarmaig & High Life for their continued interest in and support for my work :)





Ariel's going to be at the great Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh this month!

The Real Goldilocks Tale!

Do you want to find out the real story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? What about the lesser-known Purplilocks, or Goldilock's other brothers and sisters with her on that fateful trip to the Bears' House?

Gaelic storyteller Ariel Killick leads an engaging, bilingual session through active and fun adventure, engaging youngsters with Gaelic vocabulary in the context of a familiar tale. Suitable for both young Gaelic-speakers and those with no Gaelic at all.

Tickets are available here and you can find out more & view images and feedback from the many sessions Ariel has delivered across the highlands for High Life Highland, Blas Festival & more, here.

This month Ariel is also honoured to be one of a number of Artists in Residence at Coast Festival in Banff, Aberdeenshire, where she will be working for two weeks working on a 3D Wire-sculptured lit commission, 'The Wishing Tree', which will become a participative sculptural installation within the Creative Hub in Banff Castle Grounds from the 23-24th of May. Ariel will also be providing community workshops, giving local people the opportunity to create their own Wicker-based lit sculptures, to the theme of 'Light' to mark 2015 as the 'International Year of Light' You can read more in the online programme anseo.

Márta 2015  
March ended up being a much busier month than planned, and though I often receive hugely strongly positive feedback, this month's collective of workshop evaluation forms and feedback stands out, with teacher comments such as "Amazing afternoon of active learning"... "Ariel will increase the number of children who would be interested in developing their Gaelic language skills". With student comments such as "Sgoinneil, Amazing, Awesome, Epic" and my personal favourite "Actually really cool", I guess the Ardross Primary teacher might be right...  
Ardross Primary - Feedback  
Ariels Awesome Amazing Fantastic  Epic Workshop Feedback  
 Ariels More Awesome Brilliant Sgoinneil Actually Really Cool Workshop Feedback  
Eanàir 2015  
What a year 2014 was! I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work on many wonderful projects this year, starting with another fantastic circus skillsstorytelling drama workshops tour of Highlands schools. These workshops were toured again to almost every primary school on Skye during the brilliant Blas Festival in September and received consistently excellent feedback. Then it was straight into a very busy Fèis schedule, working with the fantastic children & young people of Fèis an Earraich to produce some really great quality Grafitti artwork for a massive Fèis banner, which you have a look at here. More work for the John Muir Award Scheme & Comunn na Gàidhlig came up, featuring Wicker-Based Lantern-Making, working with teenagers in six areas acround Scotland.

Then came June, and a Bilingual Circus Skills & Drama residency at Edinbarnet Primary, working with all classes from P4 up, developing bilingual circus-skill based sketches, as well as after-club lantern-making workshops. The feedback was so positive and encouraging, I've included it here. Then, straight into the first of my 2 Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival Gaelic Street Theatre projects, working with Jillibalu Barns-Riley, a native speaker of Australian Aborginal language, Djabugai and 2nd year BA student at the prestigious National Institute of Circus Arts, Australia, on the Corroborree Festival for the Royal Botanic Gardens. We toured three of their venues around Scotland and you can read a bit more about the project here. Straight after that, it was the long-awaited Great Gaelic Ferries project for Glasgow Festival 2014, leading two teams of young Gaelic-speaking performers and touring over ten days at various Queen's Baton Relay, Glasgow Green & Merchant City venues. It was a massive project and you can read about it further down this News page in July.

I thought August might be a bit quieter, but it turned out to steadily get busier, leading up to the Blas schools tour and getting ready for the Royal National Mòd. A chance meeting at a random stilt gig led to me meeting one of Scotland's most experienced street theatre performers, Calum Beaton - with both of his parents being native Gaelic-speakers from North Skye, we hit it off immediately and forged a fantastic working relationship through our series of street theatre and spectacle engagements at the Mòd. Calum is a fantastic performer and you can see some images of us working together at the Pop Up Gaelic Café at the 2014 National Mòd here. Speaking of the Mòd, a Paisley Mòd Legacy Halloween Parade project came straight after, working with the energetic teenagers of PACE Youth Theatre. The way they engaged with the stiltwalking, costume-making and makeup training was one of my highlights of the year, only topped by how spectacularly well they did with their collaboratively-devised Gaelic work for the parade. They had an absolute ball as well and you can read more about the benefits of stiltwalking training for young people here. This parade, and the Christmas parade later in the year in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, also featured lantern-making workshops, and it was great to get working on some pre-parade community participative content development, with the kids, teachers and parents being delighted with the results.

Finally, the real standout project for the year turned out to be the Inter-Gaelic Rap Development Project, produced as a result of a once-off short collaboration set up two years ago with Pocket Circus. Working with two of Ireland's leading Irish-language Rappers, Bubba Shakespeare and GMC, as well as the seriously talented Ruairidh Greumach of Gaelic electronic outfit, Niteworks, it was a bit of a life-changing moment. You can hear two of the tracks produced here and have a look at the performance at the National Gaelic Awards that followed shortly thereafter. Since it was a Bòrd na Gàidhlig and Colmcille-funded project, I was only too happy to be asked to perform the bilingual track 'Set Yourself Free', but... it was my very first performance of that kind on a stage in front of a massive hall of about two hundred or more people. I survived the experience and well.. I've been able to watch the recording at least once without wanting to hide... I'm looking to get some more performance experience over the coming year and hoping to bring Bubba and GMC over to Scotland to develop some more work together... so watch this space!


Well it's been a busy time already with the Downpatrick Christmas Lantern-Making & Parade project just finished in Northern Ireland. Down District Council were the lovely people who once decscribed me in print as 'One of Ireland's leading Stilt Performers', so it was nice to return after three years and take not only Araya but deliver a series of community engagement workshops as well. You can see a few images from the project below and read more about lantern-making as part of street spectacle work here.

I also got a chance to document my other Christmas stilt character, Mrs Christmas, in action at the wonderful Belfast Christmas Market with fantastic Northern Irish photographer, Barry Wright. It was a stunning venue and you can seen more of the images and find out about my Chrsitmas characters here.

Mrs Christmas

Deireadh na Samhna  

A fantastic image just received recently from the Paisley Mòd Legacy Halloween Parade Project 2014 with the outstanding cast from PACE Youth Theatre. The image captures perfectly their energy, spirit and just how much both they enjoyed the project and were a pleasure for me to work with. As my third time working with teeenagers in this age group, it was truly a delight from beginning to end and incredibly reaffiriming of the benefits of such work both for social engagement & cohesion and of stiltwalking training as a metaphor for growth and self-confidence. An amazing and unforgettable project I hope to repeat and develop with groups around the country, both Gaelic and non-Gaelic speaking, such as this group, who embraced the bilingual Gaelic aspect of the project with an encouraging enthusiasm I will simply never forget.Independent State of Happiness & PACE Halloween Stilters


Tar éis beagnach dhá bhliain, tharla an sàrthionscadal Rap Idir-Ghaelach i gCorcaigh, agus mise is Ruairidh Greumach, drumadóir ón mbanna cáiliúil leictreonach Gàidhlig, Niteworks, agus ar múinteoir Gàidhlig agus file freisin é, ag taisteal go Corcaigh le bheith ag obair leis na sàr-rapadóirí Gaeilge, Bubba Shakespeare & GMC.

D'éirigh chomh maith sin leis an tionscadal, gur thug Ariel taispeántas dá chuid oibre leis an amhrán dátheangach rap  'Set Yourself Free' ag Duaisean Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig i nGlaschú dìreach coicís ina dhiaidh, ag tuilleadh sárléirmheas ón Daily Record, á rá gur thug sí 'Knockout Performance' le pictiúr deas d'Ariel i mbun oibre le feiceáil sa pháipéar:

Daily Record Ariel Killick - "Knockout Performance"

 Scríobhadh agus taifeadadh an t-uafás gan ach ceithre lá againn leis an tionscadal in Éirinn – i bhfad níos fearr ná a d'fhéadfainn samhlú riamh. Táim ag féachaint ar bhealaí leis na buachaillí a thabhairt anall go hAlbain le hoibriú ar albam iomlán a bhliain seo chugainn, mar sin, breathnaigh amach le haghaidh maidir le tionscadal Crowdfunder sna míonna amach romhainn. Tá sárléiritheoir clúiteach ceoil tar éis teacht chuig Ariel, ag iarraidh a halbam a léiriú freisin, rud atá ina nuacht díreach iontach ar fad! Le blas beag a fháil den obair a rinneadh agus muid ag fanacht leis an leagan deiridh de na hamhráin nua ó sárstiúidio meascaidh GMC áfach, seo Bubba Shakespeare agus GMC le ceann dá gcuid amhráin féin!

Towards the end of 2015, I'll also be looking to take out Bilingual and Gaelic Rap Workshops to schools and communities in Scotland, so if you're interested, you're most welcome to get in touch! Ariel is also focussing on the teaching of rap in Gaelic as part of her Approaches to Critical Artistry module for her Master's Degree in Gaelic Arts (Teaching & Learning) at the Royal Conservatoire, Glasgow, in conjunction with Sabhal Mòr Ostaig.


Bhí mí na Samhna dochreidte gnóthach i mbliana! Tháinig deis iontach i mo threo freisin le cuairt mhalairte chuig Tuaisceart Éireann agus Dún na nGall tríd an gclár iontach CeangalG, ar tionscnamh é atá maoinithe ag an Aontas Eorpach faoin gclár INTERREG IVA, chun cabhrú leis an gcomhoibriú idir lucht labhartha an dá theanga Cheilteacha a chur chun cinn agus an 'Mhór-Ghaeltacht' idir Éirinn agus Alba a fhorbairt. Thug é deis dom taisteal in éineacht leis an toscaireacht cháirdiúil ó SEALL & Urras Coimhearsnachd Shléite ó Albain le cuairt a thabhairt ar an gCultúrlann i mBéal Feirste, Ionad 'Turas' in Oirthear Bhéal Feirste agus ar An Carn i gCarn Róchair. Deis iontach ar fad a bhí ann a bhfuil mé fíorbhuíoch de CheangalG a thabhairt dom, agus a thug deis freisin le comhpháirtíochtaí maithe gnó a fhorbairt, is an dá theanga Ghaelacha againn sa lár. Táim ag súil go mór le bheith ag comhoibriú le beirt ar a laghad de na comhpháirtithe seo an bhliain seo chugainn le níos mó seirbhísí nuálacha ealaíon Gaeilge agus Gàidhlig a chur ar fáil! Tá pictiúr a tógadh sa Chultúrlann den ghrúpa malairte le feiceáil thíos ina bhfuil na baill ó Albain (Glaschú & an tOileán Sgítheanach), Béal Feirste & Dún na nGall.

CeangalG Exchange Trip Members - November 2014



Deireadh Fómhair - Seachtain Oíche Shamhna!

The National Mòd may be over, but an exciting new legacy project from last year's highly successful Paisley National Mòd has just begun!

Pace Stilters

Ariel performed at the opening of last year's Opening Procession for the Paisley National Mòd, and is delighted to be now working in partnership with Renfrewshire Council to deliver a exciting series of bilingual Gaelic workshops in Stiltwalking, Lantern-Making and Halloween Storytelling & Drama to nearly 300 children and young people from the Renfrewshire area.


Groups involved include PACE Youth Theatre, St Charles Primary School & from the Tannahill Community Centre, culminating in a brand new Halloween Parade through Paisley City Centre from the Museum to Abbey Close Oíche Shamhna, featuring magical live music & lighting spectacular from the Spark! drumming troupe.

Paisley Halloween Parade


Deireadh Fómhair - Seachtain an Mhòid!  

What a week the Mòd Fringe was! While I could easily wallpaper two houses with the amount of press clippings I garned over my 12 years in Ireland with my work, it's fair to say neither my solo stilt performance work or the attendant press coverage has come anywhere as quickly in Scotland. Until now. With some 9 images of my work appearing in Scottish newspapers over Mòd Week (that I know of), including some 3 front pages (WHFP Front Page & two front pages of weekend supplements), and culminating in a 3 page Sunday Herald article by An Comunn Gàidhealach Chief Executive, John Morrison, where I get mentioned alongside the likes of Julie Fowlis, the Red Hot Chilli Pipers & current Gaelic Ambassador of the Year, BBC Alba presenter, Kirsteen MacDonald, things definitely feel different. I owe incredible thanks to the vision, kindness & openess of An Comunn Gàidhealach, the Inverness Local Organising Committee, Fringe Director, Bob Kenyon, my Fire Prop Handlers Dale Mawhinney & Calum Beaton, and again Calum Beaton & Anndra MacFhearghais for being fantastic actors to work with on this incredible and groundbreaking project. And 'Blowing the Horn for Gaelic Culture'? Very, many thanks to the interest from local newspapers in my work, and for ocassionally making me laugh with joy. It's been an incredibly, sometimes brutally tough time surviving largely on my own here in Scotland as things definitely didn't go to plan and I had to adapt very quickly to try to survive in what was essentially a totally new country with most of my Scottish family being pretty much all long dead, but this week has given me both great cheer, hope, and no small amount of confidence and reassurance of the value of my work and the esteem in which it is held. Thank you...


Cover of Press & Journal 'Weekend' Supplement


West Highland Free Press Front Page 17.10.14

Selected other press clippings:

There was also some pretty amazing shots taken of my Stilt Fire work as part of the Royal National Mòd Opening Procession by my wonderful Fire Prop Handler, Dale Mawhinney..

b Ealain Teine bho Ariel Killick

c Ealain Teine bho Ariel Killick

For more great images of my fire work as photographed by Dale Mawhinney, please click on my main stilt page here.

8ú Deireadh Fòmhair

Independent State of Happiness proudly presents its program of Bilingual Gaelic Street Theatre, Circus & more at the Royal National Mòd & Inverness Street Theatre Festival! I am deeply grateful to An Comann Gàidhealach & all its sponsors for their support for professional Gaelic street theatre, spectacle & circus and look forward to meeting all those who've worked so hard to bring these great events to Inverness this year.

Independent State of Happiness Events Programme @ Royal National Mòd & Inverness Street Theatre Festival 2014  
Iúil 2014  

The Great Gaelic Ferries Crew is busy practising our lines & songs because we set sail THIS WEEKEND! You can check out our full performance schedule below & we look forward to welcoming you on board! Part of Festival 2014 & the Merchant City Festival at Festival 2014... and just below is where you can find us...!

Independent State of Happiness BW0001

Sunday 20th July - Arrival of Queens Baton in Glasgow
Doulton Fountain @ People's Palace 6.45am - 7.30am
Barrowland Park 8 - 9am(ish)
Garrowhill Community Centre (Easterhouse) 12 - 4pm

Monday 21st July - Arrival of Queens Baton in Glasgow
Glasgow Gaelic School 8.00 – 10am
Kibble Palace, Botanic Gardens 1.30 – 2.30pm
Victoria Park 3.30 - 4.30pm

Tuesday 22nd July - Arrival of Queens Baton in Glasgow
Govanhill Library 9.30 – 11.30
Queen's Park 3.30 – 4.30

Merchant City Festival, Grounded Exhibition Opening 5-6pm

Thursday 24th July
Glasgow Green 2-3pm, 4-5pm, finish 7pm
Team B
Riverside Walkway Broomielaw (btwn SECC & Central Stn) 2-7pm

Friday 25th July
Riverside Walkway Broomielaw 11-4pm

Saturday 26th July
Team A
Merchant City Festival, Trongate to King St, 11-4pm
Team B
Riverside Walkway Broomielaw 2-7pm

Sunday 27th July
Team A
Merchant City Festival, Trongate to King St, 11-4pm
Team B
Riverside Walkway Broomielaw 1-6pm

Monday 28th July
Team A
Riverside Walkway Broomielaw 3-7pm
Team B
Glasgow Green 10.30-11.30, 1-3pm, 4-5pm, finish 7pm

Thursday 31st July
Team A
Merchant City Festival, Trongate to King St, 12-5pm
Team B
Riverside Walkway Broomielaw 2-6pm

Friday 1st August
Team A
Merchant City Festival, Trongate to King St, 11-5pm
Team B
Glasgow Green 1-6pm

Saturday 2nd August
Riverside Walkway Broomielaw 2-7pm

Meitheamh 2014  

Ariel & her Forest Nymph character were delighted to be a central part of the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh Corroborree Festival, in conjunction with Festival 2014 as part of the Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival, and the first of Ariel's two Gaelic-language projects involved in the nationwide festival. Working with Jillibalu Barns-Riley, a native speaker of Australian Aborginal language, Djabugai and 2nd year BA student at the prestigious National Institute of Circus Arts, Australia, the pair collaborated over a two week period, developing a scripted piece of street theatre introducing themselves, their respective histories and languages, which was performed at three RBGE gardens around Scotland.


Festival 2014 Gaelic Street Theatre Casting & Development Workshop

12-4pm, Sunday 27th of April, Tramway, Glasgow

Confident Gaelic-speaking performers aged 16+ and comfortable with improvisation, are sought for paid Gaelic and bilingual street theatre performances during this year's Festival 2014 including Merchant City Festival. Festival 2014 is the citywide celebrations alongside the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Performers will work in two mobile teams interacting directly with the public and animating selected routes in and around the Merchant City Festival and Commonwealth Games event zones. Seven performers will be selected from the Casting & Development Workshop on Sunday, the 27th of April, for this Glasgow-based work, however a larger pool of Gaelic-speaking performers interested in street theatre will also be sought from among those attending the workshop for a number of potential future projects throughout Scotland.

Rehearsal/Development Dates: 9th to 11th of July @Tramway, Glasgow

GlasgowLife/GGFA Performer Induction/Info meeting: 2pm, Sunday, 11th of May - This will include details of venue for rehearsals in July.

Performance Dates: Selected dates between 20th of July and 3rd of August. (max 10 full days in total)

Total Performer Project Fee: £1,000

Please email an updated CV and a recent image to Tá an seoladh ríomhphoist seo á chosaint ó róbait thurscair. Tá ort JavaScript a chumasú le hamharc air. by 5pm Friday the 18th of April. Those without professional acting experience are also encouraged to apply.

Great Gaelic Ferries is Merchant City Festival/Glasgow Life commission and co-production between Independent State of Happiness and SiCO Productions. This project is lead by Ariel Killick, Artistic Director, in collaboration with Liz Carruthers, Associate Director.



Tuilleadh litreacha buíochais ó Bhun-Sgoil Bhun a' Mhuilinn i ndiaidh na gceardlann scéalaíochta & dráma! Nach ormsa atá an t-ádh....  
Aiseolas & bronntanas iontach deas de bharr na camchuairte is déanaí agam ar scoileanna i nGarbhchríocha na hAlba - 17 litir lámhscríofa ó rang bunscoile 1-4 Gàidhlig ag gabháil buíochais liom tar éis ceann de mo cheardlanna scéalaíochta agus dráma... Chuala mé go bhfuair siad litir bhuíochais an-deas air ais ó Shíne freisin...! (Níl mo shuíomh idirlín ag ligean dom iad a thaispeáint ar chúis éigin...) Ag imeacht anois cibé ar bith ar sheachtain forbartha do scríbhneoirí Gàidhlig le hAmharclann Náisiúnta na hAlba....  
Eanáir 2014  

Díreach ar ais ó thréimhse iontach i Nua Eabhrac mar a raibh mé páirteach i bhForbairt Tallainne Gàidhlig Idirnáisiúnta i Manhattan – chuir mé go mór le mo chuid scileanna agus bhí sé fíorspreagúil! Fuair mé nuacht fíormhaith freisin agus mé thall - mar gheall ar a fheabhas is a d'éirigh leis an tsraith cheardlann Gàidhlig agus dátheangach i Scileanna Sorcais & Scealaíocht Chruthaitheach i measc scoileanna Ghàidhealtachd na hAlban i mí Dheireadh Fómhair/na Samhna anuraidh, agus an oiread éilimh a bhí orthu, tá cuairt eile de na ceardlanna timpeall scoileanna na dùiche eagraithe ó lár na míosa go deireadh mhí Eanáir! Is mór an t-údar misnigh é ag tús bliana a bheidh cuíosach gnóthach cheana fhéin agus dhá thionscadal de mo chuid le bheith ina bpáirt d'Fhéile Chultúrtha Chluichí an Chomhfhlaithis i nGlaschú, chomh maith le trí thionscadal chomhpháirteacha idirnáisiúnta, tionscadal comhshaoil le sé réigiún in Albain, chomh maith le tuilleadh ceardlann lae agus seachtaine le scoileanna agus pobail éagsúla. Táim ag súil go mór le bheith ag obair leis na grúpaí agus daoine uile seo - go raibh bliain iontach agaibh féin in 2014 freisin!

Samhain 2013  
Phew! Coming out of the busiest 8 weeks of my life, delivering some 70 workshops in Gaelic and bilingual circus skills, Halloween Storymaking and drama in 38 schools across Scotland and Ireland... 25 performances for Hopscotch's touring Viking show, a major festival in the West of Ireland, two festivals for my Gaelic Street Theatre troupe in Belfast, more stilt performance at the Royal National Mod and Halloween Fireworks Funday, intense networking at two national conferences, more meetings and proposal development and now suddenly it's not only Snow Fairy time... but the very exciting National Gaelic Awards with the Daily Record and Bòrd na Gàidhlig... thank you so much to all those who have supported me this year and the lovely people I've been meeting at Conferences... have to run now... a snow fairy wing to light up for today!  
Deireadh Fómhair 2013  

Ceardlanna i Scileanna Sorcais ag an Mod Náisiúnta sa Paisley Express agus aiseolas iontach ó mhúinteoirí agus ó dhaltaí de bharr mo chuid ceardlann i scileanna sorcais & scéalaíochta Samhna! Déan deas-chliceáil ar an aiseolas, is  roghnaigh 'View Image' agus má chliceálann tú ar an ngloine formhéadúcháin nó magnifying glass, feicfidh tú an t-aiseolas ar fad!

Meán Fómhair  
Iontach gnóthach faoi láthair, ag obair ar camhchuairt le sárchompántas dráma Albannach, ag Féile Chathair na Mart go luath is i mBéal Feirste le dráma sráide Gàidhlig is ceardlanna sorcais i nGàidhlig ag an Mod Náisiúnta go luath!  


Meitheamh 2013


Fíoráthas orm tar éis dom cúrsaí taistil go Tuaisceart Éireann a eagrú le haghaidh charachtar Shíogaí na mBoilgeog i gcomhair dhá imeacht samhraidh! Cé go mbíonn sé beagán níos costasaí mo chuid carachtar a chur in áirithe le haghaidh imeachtaí in Éireann agus i dTuaisceart Éireann anois tar éis dom athlonnú go Glaschu, is comhartha iontach atá ann faoin meas atá ag Bainisteoirí Imeachtaí ar mo chuid oibre agus spreagadh mór dom ar na saolta dúshlánacha seo. Dá mba mhaith leat féin Síogaí na mBoilgeog a chur in áirithe le haghaidh imeacht de do chuid, tá fáilte romhat dul i dteagmháil liom tríd an leathanach teagmhála thíos – agus idir an dá linn, seo beagán dá raibh le rá ag cliaint roimhe seo faoi Shíogaí na mBoilgeog...

"Just a note to say thank you for providing your services at the Teddy Bears Picnic, we have had a lot of positive feed back about your performance from both our own staff and those attending the event. It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope to see you again soon!"
Danielle, Oifigeach Imeachtaí Comhairle Contae, Tuaisceart Éireann

"I know the Rainbow Bubble Fairy is always welcome in the park and brings a very special piece of magic with her".
Caroline, Oifigeach Imeachtaí Comhairle Contae, Tuaisceart Éireann



Bealtaine 2013


Nuacht iontach maith agam an mhí seo toisc go mbeidh an chéad chompántas dráma sráide Gàidhlig, sònaSonas, á bhunú agam i nGlaschú na hAlban! Mar an Stiúrthóir agus Bainisteoir a chuir an compántas ar bun, is mór an onóir agus an phribhléid dom foireann iontach d'ealaíontóirí Gàidhlig a bheith ar bord liom a bhfuil an-chuid tallainne agus taithí acu agus is féidir leat níos mó a fháil amach fúinn ag ár suíomh idirlín ag D'fhéadfá muid a leanúint ar ár leathanach ar Facebook freisin anseo más mian leat a leanúint agus a roinnt le cairde...

Beidh sinn ag dul amach ar shráideanna Ghlaschú Déardaoin an 23ú Bealtaine ar shráid Buchanan, ceann de phríomhshráideanna siopadóireachta na hAlban agus b'fhéidir na hEorpa, agus má bhíonn tú thart, bheadh sé iontach d'fheiceáil! Beidh muid i mbun oibre ag Féile Idirchultúr an 'Mela' i nGlaschú an 15ú Meitheamh agus ag Féile Bhaile nam Marsantach i nGlaschú an 28ú Iúil freisin, chomh maith le roinnt léiriúchán eile agus pleananna iontacha ar na bacáin! Tá sònaSonas fíorbhuíoch ar fad don tacaícocht a tugadh dúinn trí Sgeama Lìonradh Dràma Gàidhlig (a' Deas) trí Alba Chruthachail (Creative Scotland), Bord na Gàidhlig, an Lòchran, Ionad Ealaíon Gàidhlig Ghlaschú agus Glaschu Beò.

Tráthnóna Dé Sathairn seo chugainn chomh maith, beidh mé ag dul ar an stáitse den chéad uair le seó beag grinn ag an Happyness Inverness Comedy Festival mar chuid den as part Gaelic New StandUp Comedy Talent, ag 6pm i Madhatters, Hootenanny's, Inbhir Nis. Tuilleadh eolais:

Is cosúil go mbeidh an samhradh réasúnta gnóthach agam agus ceardlanna trítheangacha i Scileanna Sorcais (Gaeilge, Béarla agus Gàidhlig) á gcur ar fáil agam i nDún na nGall i mí Iúil, le mo chomhpháirtithe sorcais le Gaeilge Stephen and Con – is féidir leat níos mó a léamh faoinár gcuid oibre anseo: Beidh seachtain de cheardlanna éagsúla á gcur ar fáil agam trí mheán na Gàidhlig mar chuid de Fèis Òigridh Inbhir Nis sa mhí chéanna freisin. Beidh mé ag leanúint ar aghaidh le mo chuid scileanna in ealaín na hacrobaitice a fhorbairt chomh maith tar éis dom filleadh ar an ealaín sin mar chuid de mhionchlár faisnéise a rinne Northern Visions, ceann de phríomheagraíochtai teilifíse pobail Thuaisceart Éireann liom i mí na Nollag anuraidh agus a scaoileadh le gairid - is féidir leat breathnú air anseo:

Dá ainneoin seo go léir, beidh am agam fós le haghaidh oibre ealaíon timpeall na hÉireann agus nah Alban más mian leat roinnt ealaín sráide ardchaighdeáin a chur in áirithe do d'fhéile nó d'imeachtaí pobail nó teaghlaigh, mar sin tá míle fáilte romh dul i dteagmháil liom le haon fhiosrúcháin tríd an leathanach teagmhála thíos!


Feabhra 2013


Tar éis dom a bheith ag obair ar an tionscadal le breis is 2 bhliain beagnach, tá mo dhráma dátheangach amharclainne sorcais, An Gille agus Maighstir Tìm/Boy and Mr Time, tar éis céim na n-iarratas ar mhaoiniúchán a shroicheadh faoi dheireadh thall, le haghaidh cuairt atáthar ag pleanáil timpeall phobail agus scoileanna in Albain, le roinnt comhpháirtithe fíoriontach ar fad.

Agus muid ag fanacht le cinntí maidir le maoiniú go mbeimid in ann gach rud a chinntiú, seo roinnt den iliomad léirmheas a fuair an script don dráma, ó dhaoine atá ag obair sa saol amharclainne agus sorcais go gairmiúil, den chuid is mó:

“The integration of circus works well, a very well written and engaging story, would work, both visually and narratively, on stage.” Paul Mc Eneaney, Artistic Director, Cahoots NI, Northern Ireland’s premier childrens’ theatre company.

“Totally unique, math dhà-rìreabh (excellent), very solid, unlike anything done in Gaelic before, thumbs up!” - Caitriona Lexy-Campbell, Gaelic Artist in Residence, National Theatre of Scotland

“Excellent, I’d really like to see it performed!” - Liz Carruthers, Gaelic Drama Consultant for Sabhal Mòr Ostaig (Scotland’s National Gaelic College) M.A. in Drama Programme

“Hugely exciting potential for staging, unique and engaging experience for audience, wonderful”  - Raymond Keane, Artistic Director, Barabbas Theatre Company, reknowned Irish company, primary exponent of theatre of clown and producers of Circus / Tumblecircus collaboration.

“Brilliant, unique, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, definitely worth pursuing”- Hanna Slättne, Literary Manager and Dramaturg, Tinderbox Theatre, Northern Ireland’s premier new writing company.

“Unique, would be an exciting and viable production, a fascinating mix of physical and text based performance” - John Ashton, Former Managing Director, MacnasIreland’s world-reknowned street theatre company.

“Fantastic, I love it! ” – Matt Yates, Former Director of Education  and Training at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus and Director of Western Australian Circus Festival.

 “Wow, I’d love to see it on stage” – Chief Executive of An Droichead Irish-language Arts Centre & Director of Irish-language Writers’ Group 

“Unique and inventive - Emily DeDakis, Literary Manager & Dramaturg, Accidental Theatre, Belfast

“Brilliant”, “Really funny” – Castlereagh Writers’ Group, N.I.

 “Wow, brilliant, really brilliant, I’d say it’d be a lot of fun to watch” – my mum…



Eanáir 2013


Tréimhse thar a bheith gnóthach a bhí ann ó mhí Iúil na bliana seo caite agus fíorbheagán ama agam lena linn le nuacht a chur suas anseo - ach an scéal is mó - táim tar éis bogadh go hAlban le leanúint ar aghaidh le hobair ar cuireadh tús leis anuraidh le healaíona & drámaíocht sorcais agus sráide trí mheán na Gàidhlige a fhorbairt! Tá mo dhráma sorcais 'Buachaill agus Máistir an Ama'/Boy and Mr Time' le dul ar chamchuairt náisiúnta chuig scoileanna agus feiseanna in Albain níos déanaí i mbliana le comhpháirtithe iontacha, agus tá cuid mhór eile á phleanáil freisin. Bhí mé i gcónaí ag iarraidh a bheith chomh líofa i nGàidhlig is atá i mé i nGaeilge, toisc gur tháinig cuid de mhuintir mo sheanmháthair amach chuig an Astráil ó Oileán Muile le linn bhánú na Gaeltachta in Albain le linn an 18ú céad, mar sin, tá mé thar a bheith sásta an uaillmhian seo a fhíorú!

Ach céard faoi na blianta ar fad a chaith mé in Éirinn agus mo chumas sa Ghaeilge? Nílim ag imeacht ón nGaeilge ná baol air, agus táim ag obair le sraith de cheardlanna dátheangacha (Gaeilge/Gàidhlig) i scileanna sorcais a fhorbairt, chomh maith le cúpla rud iontach eile! Táim ag leanúint ar aghaidh le mo chuid oibre mar aistritheoir gairmiúil freisin, idir obair chruthaitheach, agus ar ndóigh, bím fós ar fáil le haghaidh léirithe ealaíon sráide agus ceardlanna i nGaeilge agus in Éirinn.

Tá físeán úr agam freisin lena dtugtar spléachadh ar mo chuid oibre mar Ealaíontóir Sráide, Stiúrthóir Dráma agus Éascaitheoir Ceardlann, chomh maith le haiseolas ó chliaint, agus is féidir leat breathnú air anseo:




Tréimhse fíorghnóthach eile faoi láthair agus Gráinne Mhór amuigh ar na sráideanna ag féile idirnáisiúnta den chéad uair - Merchant City Arts Festival i nGlaschú na hAlban. Bhí sí ar Nuacht BBC Alba an oíche sin agus d'éirigh go hiontach leis an gcarachtar - go leor craic agus troideanna spraoiúla le páistí agus daoine fásta - b'iontach an fháilte a cuireadh roimh an gcur i láthair iomlán dátheangach. I measc nuachta eile, beidh dhá charachtar nua ag teacht amach ag tús mhí Mheáin Fómhair - breathnaigí ar ais anseo timpeall an ama sin!



Iúil 2012

Síona Scéalaí á lua sna meáin den chéad uair!

Coalisland Post

Creative close to Coalisland Irish-language book club

July 10, 2012.

Coalisland Library was transformed into a magical world of witches, singing animals, ships and spells as this year’s Irish language children’s book club drew to a close for the summer.

Book club Léigh Leat, or “read on”, gives children from local Irish-medium schools the chance to read and interact with a variety of Irish books.

Irish-language performance artist Ariel Killick, otherwise known as Síona Scéalaí, Sheena the storyteller, encouraged the youngsters to create their own tales and bring them to life in a fun and imaginative way.

Chairs were transformed into icebergs and children adopted their character’s roles as they performed their stories during the club’s final meeting before the summer break.

Léigh Leat, which takes place fortnightly in Coalisland Library, has divided the children into two age groups this year due to its growing membership.




Meitheamh 2012



Ceann de na píosaí is deise d'aischothú a fuair mé riamh! Ó Dan Gordon, scriptscríbhneoir clúiteach i dTuaisceart Éireann tar éis dó oibriú liom i gceardlann don tionscadal scoildrámaíochta Pat and Plain, i gcomhar leis an Lyric Theatre/Gníomhaireacht na hUltaise/Foras na Gaeilge,

“You are an amazing force of nature in its purest form - the kids are very lucky to have such a terrific role model in their midst. Sometimes I’ve been lucky enough meet people who no matter what language they speak can communicate with anyone – you’re one of them.”



Bealtaine 2012


Tá an t-ábhar Gàidhlig do mo shuíomh críochnaithe!! Ar an drochuair, tá roinnt fadhbanna teicniúil fós le réiteach ach tá súil agam go mbeidh sé le feiceáil go rí-ghairid anois - míle buíochas le Steafan Ritchie a rinne an t-aistriúchán dom i mí a bhí craiceáilte gnóthach.



Bealtaine 2012


Bhuel tá an mhí fós craiceáilte gnóthach ach go leor rudaí maithe ag tarlú! Eispéireas fíoriontach le Dan Gordon le Tionscadal Pat & Plain Dé hAoine - dar leis féin, níl ach 'agus' agus cúpla focal eile aige - bhí mé ag caint leis na páistí faoi bhealaí le carachtar áirithe a chur in iúl, agus thosaigh Dan le labhairt leis na páistí i mo dhiaidh, ag rá beagnach an rud ceannan céanna a bhí ráite agamsa amhail is gur thuig sé gach aon fhocal dá ndúirt mé roimhe - in aineoinn nach bhfuil puinn Gaeilge aige - eispéireas nach ndéanfaidh mé dearmad go deo air! Rud maith le coinneáil i gcuimhne agus seachtain fíorghnóthach eile romham, le ceardlanna, éisteachtaí, comhdháil agus an rud is ansa liom - Gaeilge, Béarla agus Gàidhlig san aon lá amháin!



Bealtaine 2012


An chéad ghig faighte agam as Gàidhlig! Beidh Gráinne Mhór ag dul go hAlban mar chuid d'fhéile mhór i nGlaschú níos déanaí i mí Iúil! Míle buíochas le Glasgow Life as dul i dteagmháil liom faoi seo - tha mi a' coimheud air adhart gu mòr ri bheith ag obair anns a' Ghàidhlig! 'Nois...le carachtar Ghráinne a mhionathrú beagán le cur in oiriúint do chomhthéacs Albanach...moltaí ar chárta poist!

Chomh maith leis sin, toisc go bhfuilim dochreidte gnóthach le tamall anuas mar sin caithfidh mé an obair le mo shuíomh idirlín a aistriú go Gàidhlig a thabhairt do dhuine eile - tá súil agam go mbeidh sé réidh faoi dheireadh mhí na Bealtaine!



Aibreán 2012


Bíonn sé i gcónaí deas aiseolas maith a fháil ó chliant, agus ní minic a thagann rud aniar aduaidh orm, ach scaití bíonn sé go deas an méid a cheapann cliaint faoi do shaothar i ndáiríre's, fiú má bhíonn beagán cúléisteachta i gceist! (Cliant) "I've been dying to use her for ages, I'd say she's brilliant!" (Bainisteoir an Imeachta ar an Láithreán) "She is, she's fantastic!"

Míle buíochas leis an nGníomhaireacht Bolscaireachta deas i mBaile Átha Cliath a raibh sé chomh deas bheith ag obair leo agus as insint dom cé chomh sásta is a bhí siad le mo shaothar mar Shíogaí na mBoilgeog dóibh, agus má bhí tú féin 'dying to use me for ages', níl le déanamh ach glaoch a chur orm!


Feabhra 2012


Fáilte chuig mo shuíomh idirlín uasdátaithe! Is fada é ag teacht – anseo gheobhaidh tú cur síos ar mo chuid saothair ar fad sna healaíona (agus beagán lena chois). I measc rudaí atá ar siúl agam an mhí seo, tá Ceardlanna Scéalaíochta le páistí i dTír Eoghain – craic iontach agam leo agus an t-aiseolas is fearr ar fad ón múinteoir a bhí i láthair – 'Bhain mise sult as fiú!' Tá súil agam go dtaitneoidh mo shuíomh uasdátaithe leat agus is féidir dul i dteagmháil liom tríd an leathanach 'Sonraí Teagmhála' thíos.


Bealtaine 2016 

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