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Welcome to an Independent State of Happiness! Online home of Ariel Killick, an award-winning & nominated Scots Gaelic & Irish-speaking performance artist & workshop facilitator. Here you will find information on her highly-reviewed Workshops, available as once-off or as part of a series, Stilt Entertainment, the incredibly effective Pop Up Gaelic Café and Community Participative Street Theatre & Spectacle

Ariel works internationally between Scotland, the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland, pushing the boundaries in which the public & young people experience Gaelic & Irish through a range of contemporary artforms, providing a very innovative & enjoyable way to expose audiences to the language. Since 2013, Ariel has delivered over 900 workshops & performances for some 245 schools, communities, groups & festivals across Scotland, Ireland & Northern Ireland & working directly with more than 10,000 children, young people & adults, and thousands more through her Street Entertainment work.

Ariel is one of a rare breed of street performers with not only: 

• years of professional entertainment experience in a wide range of contexts, from community to corporate & Celtic-language cultural events

• but also extensive experience as a multi-arts workshop facilitator, designing and delivering diverse workshop programmes for children & young people in both educational and extra-curricular contexts

• up to and including directing creative consultation and content design & development for entire street theatre & spectacle parades.

• Ariel has also been developing Gaelic & Irish-language Rap, receiving a ''Knockout Performance" review from The Daily Record for her performance at the 2nd National Gaelic Awards. You can listen to & buy her tracks here. 

"An amazing force of nature in its purest form - the kids are very lucky to have such a terrific role model in their midst. Sometimes I've been lucky enough meet people who no matter what language they speak can communicate with anyone – Ariel is one of them." Dan Gordon, reknowned Northern Irish scriptwriter for Lyric Theatre Pat and Plain Drama in Schools Project

"Fantastic to have something so different & so interesting... and brilliant to have in through Gaelic. The kids loved the different equipment & great to hear Gaelic spoken in an environment such as this" Glasgow Sradagan Leader, Glasgow Gaelic School

Ariel has over 12 years experience as a professional stiltwalking street entertainer, with a wide variety of stilt characters, performing at major events such as the World Pipe Band Championships, Royal National Mod, National Gaelic Awards & an international stilt-based collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh for Festival 2014. Ariel previously performed at Ireland's largest-scale spectacle events with and alongside the country's leading street spectacle groups, prior to her relocation to Glasgow in late November 2012.

"One of Ireland's leading Stilt Performers" Down District Council, Northern Ireland

Ariel is also the Director of the world's first Pop Up Gaelic Café - a highly entertaining Gaelic Comedy Street Theatre & very effective Gaelic Outreach act. The Pop Up Gaelic Café has received outstanding praise at high profile events such as the Glasgow Mela, Merchant City Festival, The Royal National Mòd, Edinburgh Science Festival's Gastrofest, as well as at a major Irish language festival in Belfast & Skainos Festival in East Belfast. See Pop Up Gaelic Café for more info.

"What a great introduction to a new language! Fun! Fun! Fun! I've done Polish & Italien, this is way more fun and a great way to learn a language!" Alec, Paramedic & Pop Up Gaelic Café Participant, Glasgow Mela

Trained in Scotland & Ireland, New York, Sydney & London, including with the National Theatre of Scotland, Ariel's work is in demand for corporate launches & events, parades and community & school festivals & events, incorporating stunning makeup, high quality costume and character work as well as improvised comedy, with her workshops receiving consistently positive feedback as she tours schools & community settings across Scotland.

"Professional in every way possible" McCracken Summer School

Additionally, Ariel holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Community Arts Education from Ireland's National College of Art & Design, is a trained actor, a member of the Scottish Circus & Street Arts Network & the Irish Street Arts, Circus & Spectacle Network, and an experienced Voiceover Artist and scriptwriter, focussing largely on scripted work for indoor venues incorporating a variety of circus skills, as well as street theatre. Please see Theatre Work for further details on her experience as an actor, writer and producer. Ariel also holds full PVG Membership as well as ACCESS NI certification.

"I would like to express my thanks for the fantastic experience you gave the children yesterday. All of them enjoyed it (and me too!)" Cairde Uí Néill

A direct descendent of the Shiaba McKechnie's of Mull, via her Grandmother, Jess McKechnie, and apparently, somewhat less directly, Robert the Bruce, via her great grandfather's grandmother, a staunchly proud Bruce from Dunbar, Ariel is delighted to be now work in Scots Gaelic as well as Irish. Ariel is the first known Gaelic-speaking member of her Australian family in some 150 years, and returned to Mull for the first time in 2013, on personal invitation from the local Mull and National Mod Director, Janet MacDonald.

 © Ariel Killick 2014

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